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Michael Oke - Engravings for Hunting Arms


The Engraving of Hunting Arms - An Outline

Hunting rifles have always been more than just simple commodities. Their function and efficiency are without any doubt indispensable for shooting purposes. However, when considering the design, rifles used to express - and as matter of fact they still do - a person's style and personality at the same time. This is even more valid nowadays, in a world ruled by all kinds of norms and standardised production methods. Engraving, in contrast, stands for a very old and unique handcraft, which does not only ask for certain skills and techniques, but also for artistic empathy, love for details and lots of patience.

If your hunting rifle displays an individually designed and handmade engraving, the immaterial value of the arm of course increases. Nevertheless, not only the immaterial point of view should be taken into consideration, but also the tremendous effect on the actual worth of the rifle.

Engraving Tools
With regard to my daily work one can say that I have specialized in the design and realizationof ornamental engravings. Basically any species of existing plant (e.g. wine, thistle and oak foliage) can be converted into arabesques in a stylistic way. This enables me to realize any individual and extraordinary request.

I particularly focus on the so-called English-Scroll. In combination with a portrayel of roses and other flowers or even gold and silver inlets, it results in a precious and timeless engraving.

I shall definitely recommend it for classical shotguns and for double rifles as the English-Scroll properly completes the appearanceof these arms. You can be assured that you will never get tired of it - even after many years. It is never out of fashion and it lasts forever.

Due to my co-operation with other engravers, it is also possible to realize pictorial animal scenes, framed by an ornamental engraving.

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